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Company History

AAE Aerospace

AAE Aerospace is a world leader in rocket propulsion systems, insulation and composite structure technologies and is legendary for innovation and game-changing products. AAE was formed in 1967 to provide composite ablative insulation and structures for the solid and liquid rocket industry. Our company has been created with an infrastructure of people who have program experience that begins with the First Manned Soft Landing on the moon to the Space Shuttle, the X-33 and countless programs of proprietary nature. Our expertise in Rocket Nozzle, and Alternative Lightweight Structural and Ablative Technologies has positioned us as a leading innovator of Low Cost, Lightweight Composite Components.

  • Established in 1967- Our business has been built on our ability to provide composite high-temperature & structural solutions.
  • Recognized as a “Strategic Supplier” to major Tier 1 & Tier 2 aerospace and defence companies.
  • “Critical Supplier” on many high profile programs.
  • Known for our ability to rapidly plan, equip, staff and modify facilities to support new complex programs through development and into production.
  • Extremely competitive cost structure through manufacturing efficiencies, high-quality products and prudent finance management.